The Meeting

You would be very welcome to visit us to see how we run our metings. They are very relaxed and focused around building business relationships. When this is formed then the connections and business will follow.  Attendance is encouraged at every meeting however we also understand that business comes first to pay the bills, so attending as often as you can has been the best policy for the group to date, as relationships group letting down fellow members is less likely. 


Every month we select a meeting chairperson who runs the group so that they add their own characteristic to the group, this adds a little fun to the group which helps make everyone relax while keeping professional.

66 second presentation 

Each member has an opportunity to represent their business with some flexibility on time, with practice this can be used as an elevation pitch practice session every week so you can take your business forward.


Offering referrals during the meeting is done during the passing round GiGi a group mascot, we do not count the volume of referrals nor do we measure the value of referrals we just refer business to fellow members because we can.

666 second presentation

This allows members and guests to present or educate other members  on products offered or information about your business to the benefit of other members, in most cases the 666 encourages members to think outside the box and look at opportunities never considered before.

Visitors Days

These are held up to four times a year, each member is encouraged to invite other businesses to attend, these can be either complimentary to the group of in some cases direct competition to existing members, other business owners can see the benefits of networking and even work alongside existing members to support each other working together with larger opportunities. This is a great source of building the group.

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