What Is GIVERS GAIN Business Networking?

Givers Gain Social Network (GG’s) is an informal, relaxed and fun social membership organisation for small businesses where members network and share knowledge and experience. It is a single social network located in Surrey, with over 30 active members. We base our organisation on honesty, generosity and giving back to businesses and charities to help our local community and fellow businesses thrive.

Givers Gain was established in 2005 by a small group of business owners looking to set up a social network for people to meet up weekly and build ongoing relationships. The aim of this is to help business owners benefit both their personal network and business contacts. The more social networking meets are attended, the more businesses can develop between members as mutual trust and friendships are built. We love to help others grow and adapt with us. We also love to give back to charities and help those in our local area to improve their lives. All of the members at Givers Gain are focused on giving back.

Being a Givers Gain member means you are a positive and supportive member of an organisation based upon and built around the mutual support of others. This requires a commitment to your fellow members and the philosophy of Givers Gain: by giving business opportunities to others, you will then get business opportunities in return.

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GG’s Golf Day 2024 – A4 Leaflet & Form

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Letter from Jigsaw4u and Givers Gain – Appeal for Raffle Prizes

Letter from Jigsaw4u and Givers Gain – Appeal for Raffle Prizes

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Opportunities for diverse networking between likeminded individuals looking to give back to others.

A group of honest, hardworking individuals, with a varied range of businesses and diverse backgrounds coming together to offer each other a helping hand, as well as aiming to better the community and the people that live in it.

Why choose GIVERS GAIN as your Networking Group In London

There are many benefits of Givers Gain social networking group. Each year Givers Gain selects its membership team to help manage the group. We choose a Social Network Sign In Member, a Membership Member, a Minister of Fun Member, a Treasurer and a Marketing Member. Every month we choose a meeting chairperson who runs the group to add their own characteristics and style to the group dynamic. This adds an element of fun to the group, which helps make everyone relax while keeping professional and creating fantastic and fruitful networking opportunities. It also allows members to bring a part of themselves and showcase their personalities to others.

We reject the ‘Militant’ approach to networking entirely, and we are inclusive to everyone and give back to others in the group and the local community. Our networking group is full of friendly, supportive, and outgoing members who help each other. During meetings, we offer referrals when each member passes around our mascot, “GiGi”. We don’t count the volume of referrals or measure the value of referrals – we just refer business to fellow members because we can.

Therefore, Givers Gain offers new perspectives and ideas to aid your business while allowing you to exchange information regarding experiences and ambitions, enabling you to get new insights you might’ve not considered otherwise. So whether you’re in Croydon, Wallington, Sutton, Banstead, Cheam, or Surrey, come along and meet the members.

Charity Work and Philosophy Behind GIVERS GAIN

We are so proud to work in partnership with the amazing Charity Jigsaw4U, which specialises in helping children and young people ‘put the pieces back together’. We work mainly within Merton and Sutton, but also some parts of Croydon, Wandsworth and Surrey.

We believe that every child deserves the experience of being a child. We help Jigsaw4U support families and children dealing with domestic abuse, sexual exploitation, bereavement and varied and complex social, emotional and behavioural needs. We know how serious and complex these issues are. We run various fundraising and interactive charity events for Jigsaw4U to help offer the future of our communities the best chance moving forwards after life-changing events.

One of our most popular and successful fundraising events is the Giver’s Gain annual Waterman Cup charity Golf day. We host it at Farleigh Golf club, and it is always a great success. We love being able to give back to such an amazing charity as Jigsaw4U, and we know that we are helping an amazing cause within our community.

If you have any questions, our friendly and personable team
will be more than happy to answer them for you.

GIVERS GAIN is the best local Networking Group – we are inclusive of every person and every business.


Unlike other membership organisations, all membership payments stay within the group and are managed by an appointed treasurer. The treasurer allocates funds to sponsorship opportunities, donations to local charities, and social events such as annual BBQs, Curry Nights, and Christmas Parties to benefit all of the members. Every member attending the meeting on any given day has the right to vote as a group to produce a final decision.

Joining GG is not expensive. The members set a low annual membership fee with no hidden costs. The membership fee is currently £150.00 a year. The only small extra costs include paying for refreshments, which you pay at the door as you enter, so you only pay for the meetings you attend.

Givers Gain welcomes guests of current members to attend the weekly meeting; your first meeting is 100% complimentary on us, allowing you to see how the group is set out and establish if this meets your expectations. We then encourage you to return for two more meetings so we get to know you and you get to know us, after which we will invite you to join if we feel that you uphold the values that all of our members share.

We also encourage visitors to attend our specialised Visitor Days up to 4 times a year. This is an opportunity where our current members can invite other businesses in the local area. This can be either complementary to the group, or in some cases, direct competition to existing members. We often find that competing businesses find common ground and help each other with advice, jobs and supplies. We find that it encourages healthy, friendly competition and allows for businesses and their owners to form alliances within the local community.

So whether you’re in Croydon, Wallington, Sutton, Banstead, Cheam, or anywhere in Surrey, we welcome you to connect with Givers Gain and open up the new opportunities that await your business. Take your business and career to the next level and watch your business grow.

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How Givers Gain Works ?

Visit as a Guest

Givers Gain welcome’s visitors and guests to attend the weekly meeting. Your first meeting is 100% complimentary on us, and you will see how the meeting is set out and establish if this meets your expectations. We then encourage you to return for two more meetings so we get to know you and you get to know us, after which we will invite you to join.

Visitor’s days are held up to four times a year, and each member is encouraged to invite other businesses to attend. These can be either complementary to the group or, in some cases, direct competition to existing members. Other business owners can see the benefits of business networking and even work alongside existing members to support each other working together with larger opportunities. This is a great source for expanding the group

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